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  1. PC Desktop: Get the heart of your computing needs with our powerful PC options. Whether you prefer the mobility of a laptop or the performance of a desktop, we have the perfect solution to meet your requirements.

  2. Monitor: Elevate your visual experience with our high-quality monitors. Crystal-clear displays and vibrant colors will make your work and entertainment come to life.

  3. Keyboard: Type in style and comfort with our range of keyboards. From sleek and wireless to ergonomic designs, we have keyboards to suit every typing preference.

  4. Mouse: Navigate seamlessly with our precision mice. Choose from ergonomic shapes and customizable features for a smooth and efficient computing experience.

  5. Accessories: Including headsets, speakers, adapters and many more..

Combine these categories to build your ultimate PC bundle and enjoy a complete computing setup that meets all your needs.

Refurbished Grade A
249.00 € 249.0 EUR
Refurbished Grade A
299.00 € 299.0 EUR
740.00 € 740.0 EUR
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369.00 € 369.0 EUR